Laura Minard RN BSN NC-BC

I remember driving home from work one day knowing I was done and going to quit my job

No amount of money was worth it. I had became a nurse to help people, and in my current role as an advice nurse I couldn’t actually give health advice. I was not going to participate or depend on the sick care system for the rest of my life. 

I wanted to actually help people heal. For me, quitting was a spiritual awakening, I knew I was destined to make an impact in people's lives. Nurse coaching was the perfect way to do this!

My first 6 months in private practice was harder than my first year in the ICU as a new grad. My only business experience was two failed MLM’s in my twenties that left me feeling icky and like a failure.  I was scared.  What if this didn’t work? What if I had to go back to the hospital? What if my husband got tired of working overtime while I was flailing? 

Why was it so hard? I HATED selling. I didn’t want to charge too much and be seen as selfish.  I had held lives in my hands, graduated with honors from nursing school, I was smart...yet those skills didn’t apply here. 

I was trying to “put myself out there”, and made flyers and business cards. I had the website and the office. I had everything but money in my business checking account. I had so many ideas but NO IDEA where to actually start.

On a leap of faith and unwavering commitment to make this work I made a huge investment with a business coach. I decided if she made it, (and she wasn’t even a nurse), then I could too! I was willing to do whatever it took. I was willing to fail fast and hard to succeed. I did scary things. I was bold. I was confident. I was borrowing my coach's belief in me when I didn’t.

Guess what?  It worked. It actually worked.

I remember my first 10K month and the excitement that this could be a legit career! I learned that I needed to serve, not sell. I got into nursing to help people and my clients were freaking thriving!

I realized the only requirement to succeed in private practice was to never give up. I realized I was able to get such quick results because I could tap into the knowledge of my mentor.  Success leaves clues, and by studying other people's success I found my own!

Today I sit with the ultimate deep knowing that I can create whatever I want. Time freedom, money freedom, and incredible purpose all rolled into an extraordinary life. Heck, I bet we can even revolutionize medicine;)

If we are brave enough to leave the comfort of our cage, all birds learn to fly.

Want to fly?

Shelby Kurz RN BSN NC-BC


I was a 27-year-old ER travel nurse and totally burned out

These were supposed to be the best years of my life...I was newly married, traveling the US with my husband, planning to start our family but in reality, I was absolutely miserable

My job was draining the life out of me. It had been draining the life out of me for years. I didn’t know how I was going to keep going to work...I didn’t have anything left in my tank. I was running in fumes.

I remember feeling a physical magnetic push in my body away from the hospital every time I pulled into the parking lot. Everything in me wanted to just keep driving past the hospital and never look back. I was so desperate for a way out.

Then something happened that I will never forget.

During one of my night shifts, I clocked in and saw that one of my patients was an active shingles patient.

I was also 5 weeks pregnant and have never had chickenpox. As nurses, we know this is a BIG no-no.

I went to my charge nurse, told her I was pregnant and my concerns about caring for this patient and she looked at me like I had 2 heads when I asked if I could switch this patient with someone else. She told me to “figure it out” and turned her back.

This was the moment I realized I was a wheel in the machine. I wasn't even a real person. I knew I had to get out.

Luckily, before this happened,  I was already studying how to become a Nurse Coach. I was studying a new way to practice nursing and even just the idea of it filled me with so much hope...hope that my life could be different. That I was not actually stuck working in this ER forever.

But could it be real or was it too good to be true?

Between drug overdoses, strokes, and heart attacks in the ER, I inhaled business advice from Instagram influencers and other health coaches. By the end of my deep research, I was left with many ways on how to grow my social media following, but no real advice on how to create income. I couldn’t find specific information that pertained to being a Nurse and an Entrepreneur…and there was no free information that actually helped me take action to get started.

I was paralyzed by information overload.

My travel contract was up at that hospital and they wanted me to re-sign. They offered me more money on a day shift position...but something in my gut kept screaming "NO!" so I listened.

I quit travel nursing and hired a business coach (for 10k!!!) all within the same week.

This decision changed my whole life. I signed my first client within 2 weeks of opening my practice and had my first 6k month within 4 months. I even took 4 months of maternity leave and came back to a 10k month in my business.

I couldn’t believe this was happening.

Was it still challenging?

Hell yes.

Did I have to constantly up-level and deal with my own limiting beliefs?

Every. single. day.

Would I have done all of this without a coach?

Probably not.

I ended up creating a 6 figure practice during a pandemic, while raising my first baby, moving across the country and also having major open-heart surgery. The question isn't "is this possible?" the real question is "are you willing to see it through and not give up when you are in pursuit of what sets your heart on fire?"

I believe deep in my bones that the world needs more successful nurse coaches so that we can be the catalyst to overhaul the current medical system. This is a really tall order and there is power in numbers. We need YOU to be crazy-successful…we have work to do!

Amyee Oen RN BSN NC-BC

I was pregnant, jobless, and knew I needed to do something different. 

I sat crying in the parking lot of my counselor's office. She had just asked me a simple question...  

“When are you going to stop throwing yourself in front of the bus?” 

It had been years of ER nursing, traumatic events, a toxic relationship...I had chosen to continue to be in those situations.

I was beyond worn out and tired of my own BS.  

As the universe always does, I had been pulled to schedule an enrollment call for the Nurse Coach Collective.

I enrolled in my Nurse Coach training in that very same hour,  in that very same parking lot I had been crying in.  

When I learned about nursing coaching, the power to hold space and help people heal in a deeper, more holistic body lit up.

It was the opportunity for freedom,  balance, and presence that I craved and had been looking for. I wanted all of this with such deep longing, I was a full-body yes.  

The pandemic hit and I found myself in a very awkward in-between. I had completely set up my business but had ZERO clue as to where to go next. The few pro bono clients I had were certainly not providing me with the financial support I needed. I was getting the nudge to take a big leap off the cliff and hire support.  

About this time, I took a solo trip to Mexico-a much needed break from single parenting and bedside nursing, a respite from the grind, and a chance to restore and listen to my inner knowing.  

As I sat next to a pool in my bathing suit on a call with Shelby, doubting if I could afford  this investment, she asked “can you figure it out?” 

I knew I could. That I needed this with my entire being. 

The truth is, the answer is always yes. In that moment, and moments to come…I could always figure it out if it was the right thing for me.  

There is always a lesson and a chance to pivot. A chance to take a deep breath, trust,  and honor myself by continuing to move forward. 

For me, the first year of business was a rollercoaster of really high highs, and super painful lows. At times I would sign multiple clients, have huge revelations, be holding space and seeing transformation LIKE A BOSS… followed by times where the self-doubt, fear, and personal healing felt overwhelming. T

here were times when my bank account had $8 in it, my credit card denied, that I couldn’t afford to buy a coffee… 

Those are the times I wanted to quit. 

If I hadn’t been in a safe coaching space with others on the same journey, I might have done just that.  

In my first year of business, I replaced my nurse income and quit the bedside, while solo parenting my son, losing a family member, and deepening my own personal and ancestral healing.  

In my second year of business, I earned the equivalent of my nurse income in the first two months of the year.  

It is possible to create our dream life when we believe in, trust, and invest in ourselves. I’m so deeply grateful to be here and honored to guide others in navigating their path. 


Cindy Sammetinger RN BSN NC-BC

It felt like there were literal chains on my wrists that kept me bound to a computer and a job that was sucking my soul dry. 
I started my career in the ICU where I quickly realized that what I believed nursing to be and it what it actually was, did not align. I transitioned to labor and delivery and became a childbirth educator. At least in this position many of my patients were interested in more holistic approaches to care but I was a fish out of water in the mainstream modern world of medicine and the dissatisfaction was relentless. I went back to school for my Master's in Education with this crazy idea that I would use education as a way to empower my patients. I thought, “if they know better, they will do better! And I will teach them!” 
I quickly realized that with this degree, there was basically one option and that was to become a nursing instructor. I loved my students but it still didn’t fit. 
Then I made a decision to advance my career even further by becoming a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. Twi courses away from graduation, I walked away because my beliefs didn’t align with what I was being taught, you know symptom>>diagnosis>>medication. This system had me burnt out and I knew deep in my spirit that this wasn’t meant for me. 
But what was? 
I landed a job at a great online university where I worked as a mentor for nursing students. I believe this was my catalyst for coaching. I wasn’t just a mentor for curriculum-related stuff, I was with these students for up to 2 years, and sometimes it got deep. Life is hard for an adult learner, working full time as a nurse. 
Still, the hours, the emails, the phone calls with students, the demands of being an employee all while raising and homeschooling my children were taking a toll on me. 
I was searching desperately for a way out but there didn’t seem to be one, at least one that made “logical” sense. To be honest, I was ticked that I bought into the lie of working 40 years before retiring and finally getting a chance to live a joy-filled life. 
I hit my breaking point. Work sucked. I was overwhelmed with life, motherhood, homeschooling, maintaining a home, and balancing all the things, all the time. At this point, I hired my first life coach and everything started to shift. 
I was so excited by the work I was doing with my coach, it lit me up. I did a Google search for how to become a life coach and because Google probably knew I was a nurse, The Nurse Coach Collective popped up in my search. To say I was intrigued was an understatement. I applied for Collective 7 and was just about to take the leap when I found myself pregnant with baby #4. 
The timing didn’t feel right so I didn’t enroll in the program.  My coach and I were working on a plan to get me out of my job and when I found out I was pregnant she said, “Perfect! You will go on maternity leave and never go back.” I was all in on this plan. But then 13 weeks into my pregnancy there was no heartbeat on the Doppler or on the ultrasound. 
I found myself in a deep, dark place. 
I sought out counseling and began working through years of trauma, PTSD, depression, and anxiety. 
I could never get TNCC out of my mind. I thought about it constantly. A holistic approach to nursing!? Helping patients with lifestyle design and coaching them through challenges, helping them overcome their greatest obstacles towards living a joy-filled life!? How did it take me so long to figure out that THIS is what I was looking for all these years in my career!?! I signed up for Collective 11, figured out a creative way to pay for it, and never looked back. 
I took leave from work and ended up walking away entirely just a few days before the pandemic lockdown. With no plan in place, other than beginning The Nurse Coach Collective in June of 2020, I spent a few months being a mom and wife and focusing on my own healing. 
I went back to work part-time and started the collective at the same time. My part-time job still left me feeling like a slave and I realized I was simply not made to be an employee. 
Halfway through my program, I reached out to Laura for coaching. I KNEW this was it. My entire life had prepared me for this role. 
I was homeschooling my 3 boys, managing a homestead, working part-time, and chasing my dream life. 
I started my business in October 2020 and had my first 10k month in July 2021. And replaced my yearly income as a nurse educator in January 2022. I made in one month what I would have made in a year working part-time! 
There will always be reasons to not move forward. Life will always be presenting challenges but I’ve learned that unless I’m saying YES to the things that excite me, life is just meh, overwhelming, and frustrating. 
That is not the legacy I want to leave behind. I want to light the world on fire and help as many people as possible find their own burning fire within!


Amy Frame RN BSN NC-BC

Sitting here in my home office looking over the smokey mountains, it’s hard to believe where I was just a few years ago. I was a burnt-out ER nurse trapped by a job that offered me retirement, full benefits, and a 6 figure income working part-time. From the outside, it looked like I had arrived. I had everything, yet I was miserable, depressed, and anxious.
The medical system was failing, and I felt so out of alignment. I would sit in my car before work and cry. I knew something had to change, but what? I needed my income to pay my bills, and I could not see a way out.
It was in this desperate place and the whisper of another nurse coach that I went all in. I knew my life was meant for something different. I am a healer, but what did that mean? As I walked this path into my coaching practice, it became clear that I was created to be a healer of souls.
I walked away from my nursing job of 12 years Sept 2021, sold everything, including my house, and left much of my family; I wanted a different life and knew my fear of not having enough was holding me back. As I stepped into that fear, my life transformed; I created the life I have always wanted. I am a present mother, wife, and friend; I walk or work out 4-5 days a week, I prioritize personal development, and I have a fully thriving business.
Hiring my first business coach was the catalyst to being where I am now. I am excited to join this beautiful team of entrepreneurs who have inspired me along the way and created a safe space to step into my full potential as a coach, mother, wife, and friend.
Don’t give up on your vision. Take the time to do the soul healing work needed to create the life you want, including a thriving practice.
Where do you want to be in one year?


Shawne Arceneaux RN BSN NC-BC

Throughout my entire nursing career, I always felt like there was something missing. I was a baby nurse in the Pediatric ER back in 2016. My own health was in the trash, and I found myself continuously giving and giving from a very dry and totally empty cup. I thought by moving to the oncology floor and switching to a different unit, I would be able to connect with my patients more and feel different. But it was all more of the same.

I thought that by leaving the inpatient setting and moving to a clinic where I didn’t have to work nights or long hours, I would feel different. But it was all more of the same.

I thought that by leaving the clinic and taking a work-from-home nursing job with an insurance company, I would feel different. But it was all more of the same.

I was so conditioned to think that this was all there was to nursing… A factory-like job, where patients were coming in and out like a revolving door, and not getting their problems solved… A monotonous list of tasks and phone calls with people who don’t see my value as a healer.

I was under the impression that my career was always going to be 12-hour shifts, mandatory overtime, never getting breaks, dealing with hospital politics, toxic work environments, and taking orders from people who haven’t set foot inside of a patient’s room in years. I told myself for so long that I had no right to complain or want something different because this is what I signed up for.

It wasn’t until I started my training to become a Board Certified Nurse Coach that I realized this life was NOT what I signed up for when I became a nurse. 

I became a nurse because I had this overwhelming calling to help people. I am a healer at heart, a compassionate soul, a highly sensitive human being who just wants to connect with and heal people on a deep and transformational level. And what my first 6 years of nursing taught me was that I was never meant to do nursing the typical way. 

I was meant to do more. I was meant to lead and inspire. 

For the longest time, I shied away from leadership. Even though I was thrust into leadership roles so often in my career, I never believed that I was good enough to lead. But once I started to do the inner work, I started to discover that being a leader in this revolutionary movement to change healthcare from the inside out IS my purpose. It’s what I’m meant to do.

I knew I wanted to start a private practice as soon as I started Collective 14 with The Nurse Coach Collective. I launched my business 3 months before I even graduated from certification because I was just ready to dive in and do the damn thing! Immediately after I graduated, I sought out Laura as my business coach because I knew if I didn’t get the right support, my dream would die. 

In just 8 short months of working with her, I arrived at a place where I felt ready to quit my full-time nursing job. Then… immediately, almost like the universe knew I was “all-in”, I had a $14k month and have continued to see growth in my business. I’ve now doubled the income I make every month compared to what I made in my previous nursing jobs, and I expect to keep growing - both in my business and in the way that I experience life. 

Every single one of us deserves happiness. We deserve a life and a practice full of vibrancy, freedom, and a deep love for ourselves that just overflows into the world around us and the people we serve.

The question is - are you willing to do the inner work and take the consistent actions necessary to create that life for yourself?