Embracing Fear: How a Life-Threatening Diagnosis Transformed My Business

business coach fear mindset nurse coach overcoming fear success Apr 03, 2024

Let's talk about fear.


In 2020, I received a life-changing diagnosis. My cardiologist discovered an aneurysm in my aorta during my pregnancy, and instead of stabilizing postpartum, it grew rapidly. For nine agonizing months, I lived with a ticking time bomb in my chest, awaiting open-heart surgery. It was terrifying, and I hated every moment of it... yet, strangely, I'm grateful it happened.


You see, 2020 wasn't just challenging for me—it was a tough time for the entire planet. It would have been the perfect excuse to pump the brakes on my business, to play it safe, or to retreat into the comfort of being a stay-at-home mom while facing mortality head-on.


I vividly remember asking my coach, "What if I don't make it through surgery? What happens to my clients?" Without hesitation, she replied, "I'll step in and finish your commitments. It's important to keep going." So, that's exactly what I did. Every day, I faced my fears head-on. Fear consumed me—24/7. But amidst the fear, there was also a profound sense of purpose.


Words fail to capture the depth of emotion I experienced during that time. Tears often flowed silently as I watched my baby take her first steps, knowing there was a very real possibility that those could be my last moments with her. It was painful, yes, but it also brought a newfound clarity about what truly matters in life.


Having a brush with mortality made everything crystal clear. I have a mission, a purpose—and nothing, not even fear, is going to stand in my way. The fear of failure, of not being good enough, they were there, but they didn't hold power over me. I was determined to leave a legacy of pursuing my dreams relentlessly, regardless of the obstacles in my path.


Despite the fear, 2020 turned out to be a year of immense growth for us. Nurses needed support to transition out of the hospital faster than ever before, and we doubled down on our efforts. We honed our skills, coached tirelessly, and logged countless hours helping others. Had I let fear dictate my actions, I wouldn't be here today, sharing this journey with you.


So, when fear grips you, I invite you to pause and ask yourself: Are you dying? No? Then my dear friend, it's time to hit the gas pedal and keep moving forward.


With love,




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