Transforming Your Money Mindset: A Journey from Bankruptcy to Millionaire

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At the age of 23, I found myself facing bankruptcy. It wasn't an unfamiliar concept in my life; my parents had experienced it twice before. Financial freedom seemed like a distant dream, and I didn't have many positive role models in my life when it came to money.


Fast forward to today, and I've not only turned my financial situation around, but I've also become a millionaire through coaching and real estate investing. What changed? It wasn't just about making more money; it was about transforming my beliefs about money itself.


I firmly believe that our stories about money shape our reality. Money flows to those who have a clear plan for it and who allow it to flow through them. One book that profoundly influenced my perspective is "How to Solve All Your Money Problems Forever" by Victor Boc. This book dives deep into the psychology of money and offers practical strategies for achieving financial abundance.


In fact, I was so inspired by the book that I created a workshop on money consciousness, incorporating key concepts from the text. The proceeds from this workshop are dedicated to supporting members of our community with holistic health needs, with over $4000 donated in the past year alone.


Here are some key insights from the workshop:


  • Money needs movement to grow. If it stagnates, it dwindles.
  • Having a clear destination for your money is crucial; otherwise, it tends to dissipate.
  • Creating more wealth requires generating more energy, whether through serving others or solving problems.
  • Our subconscious beliefs about money play a significant role in our financial reality. If we harbor negative beliefs about wealth, our subconscious will resist attaining it.
  • Consider this: when prompted to complete the sentence "Money is....," what comes to mind? Our automatic responses reveal a lot about our relationship with money. As entrepreneurs, it's essential to heal our relationship with money and be honest about our desires and plans for it.


Here are some of the mantras that have helped me shift my money mindset:


  • Money is wonderful and worth having.
  • Increasing my wealth allows me to make a greater positive impact in the world.
  • The more I earn, the more I can give back.
  • Changing your money story isn't instantaneous. It took me four years of internal work to see external changes. But it's a journey worth embarking on. By mastering your money mindset, you can unlock a world of financial abundance and fulfillment.


With love,




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