The Simple Path to Starting Your Nurse Coaching Business

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As I reflect on the early days of launching my own nurse coaching business, I vividly remember the overwhelming feeling of imposter syndrome creeping in. Surprisingly, the process turned out to be much simpler than I had anticipated. In just a few weeks, I was officially on my way to becoming a nurse coach.


Opening a business boils down to making a handful of decisions and following a straightforward checklist. Within 4-6 weeks, nurse coaches can be up and running. However, the tendency to overthink every detail can hinder progress.


The first decisions to tackle include choosing a company name, deciding on the business structure (sole proprietorship or LLC), and selecting a domain name for your website. In most cases, opting for an LLC is the preferred choice due to its benefits, and selecting a domain name that aligns with your business vision is crucial.


Despite the importance placed on these decisions, it's essential to recognize that they are just the beginning. The name of your company, while significant, holds little weight in the grand scheme of things. Instead of getting caught up in elaborate names, focus on selecting something timeless that can evolve with your coaching business.


Many nurse coaches, including myself, have learned the hard way that initial business names may not reflect their future direction, leading to unnecessary expenses and rebranding efforts. Keeping it simple by using your own name for your company and domain name is a common practice among successful coaches.


When it comes to domain names, opting for a .com extension is recommended for SEO advantages. Examples like,, and illustrate the effectiveness of using personal branding in your online presence.


The key takeaway from this process is simplicity. Overthinking can often stem from fear and a desire to control outcomes. Remember, if you're spending more than 24 hours agonizing over a business name, you're likely in a state of resistance. Cultivate a habit of making decisions swiftly and confidently.


Starting a nurse coaching business doesn't have to be daunting. By focusing on the essentials and avoiding unnecessary complexity, you can lay a solid foundation for success. Trust in your instincts, keep it simple, and embrace the journey ahead with confidence.



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