The Successful Nurse Coach

The Successful Nurse Coach

Hosted by: Laura Minard, Shelby Kurz

The Successful Nurse Coaches is a space for Private Practice Nurse Coaches to learn the skills to generate income and create the successful private practice of their dreams. Laura Minard and Shelby Kurz are both...

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#30 Learning To Love The Art Of Sales

Persuasion? How does that word make you feel?? This week, we dive into the topic of sales and why so many nurse coaches struggle to love this process. We get it, you have been burned before! Come reprogram a new story...
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#29 The Spouse's Journey with Evan Minard

In this episode, Laura invites her husband Evan to weigh in on the spouses perception of this journey! From certification, difficulty in the marriage that turned into a blessing, to doubling down on a dream without...
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#28 Community Q & A

In this episode, we sent out a message to our FB community to see what they wanted to know...and boy did y'all come through! This is a super casual episode and the way that we answered the last still has me laughing a...
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#27: Therapy vs Coaching with Jessica Demarchis

Join us this week while we talk to a SUPER special guest, Jessica DeMarchis! Jessica DeMarchis is a licensed therapist, certified life and success coach, NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist as well as a registered yoga...
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#26: 026: Spicy Coaching And When To Use It

WOOP! This episode is so much fun and we are so excited to talk to you about this topic of Spicy Coaching! What we cover... -What is spicy coaching and why you need to be sharpening this skill in your practice -How to...
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025: Client Spotlight: Jen Yang

Episode #25

We have such a cool client interview today with Jen Yang! If you have ever wondered just how amazing private practice nurse coaching can be, TUNE IN! Jen combines her love for coaching and adventure in the coolest way...
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024: Client Spotlight: Ashley Durant

Episode #24

In this podcast, Laura and Ashley dive into a different type of podcast interview. In this free flowing, unscripted, raw conversation we dive into the mind of a powerful nurse coach, how her personal health journey...
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023: What do we offer? The Mentorship

Episode #23

The Mentorship is our flagship yearlong offering! Our mentees have earned a half a million in revenue in their first 6 months of this year!!! This podcast goes over the gold of this offering in detail! TIME...
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022: What do we offer? The Preceptorship

Episode #22

What do we offer? In this episode, Laura and Shelby talk about the Preceptorship program; a year-long space designed for new Nurse Coaches who are beginning their practice. Find out if this space is for you. TIME...
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021: Where Do You Find Clients?

Episode #21

Where don't you find clients? In this episode Laura dives into the practical steps to "find clients" and also reflects on who you have to be to create clients as an extension of who you are. TIME STAMP [00:43] The...
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020: How Scarcity Can Show Up In Your Practice

Episode #20

In this episode, Shelby and Laura discuss how scarcity mindset can show up in our businesses and in our personal lives. It's important to understand that we have the power to choose which thoughts we allow to run the...
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019: What Does A Nurse Coach's Full Schedule Look Like?

Episode #19

In this episode, Shelby takes a deep dive into what her practice has looked like over the past 4 years and how things have shifted in the way she spends her time! If you have ever wondered how full-time coaches spend...
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