025: Client Spotlight: Jen Yang

Episode #25

We have such a cool client interview today with Jen Yang! If you have ever wondered just how amazing private practice nurse coaching can be, TUNE IN! Jen combines her love for coaching and adventure in the coolest way and I can't wait for the possibilities in your mind to be blown wide open.

A little about Jen...

Jen is a Board Certified Nurse Coach and entrepreneur who coaches women and nurses around navigating their careers with heart & intuition. She has a background in psychiatric mental health nursing and specializes in personal development and transformation. She works 1:1 and in group spaces with clients to focus on holistic health & healing, explore self-concept, and challenge them to step into their power fearlessly. She especially encourages nurses to dream big, practice self-love, and transcend their own self-limitations. Jen is also a 200-hour registered yoga teacher who hosts international adventure and yoga retreats. She is an advocate of integrating passions and interests into “work” for the most aligned and blended lifestyle.


[02:14] Jen shares about herself and elements within her nurse coaching practice

[04:16] Taking her client sessions into the ocean

[08:07] Bringing travel and retreat opportunities into her practice

[13:54] How Jen incorporates Yoga philosophies into her business

[16:29] Jen openly shares about her personal health journey

[23:30] The power of listening to your intuition

[25:01] Words of wisdom for new nurse coaches