021: Where Do You Find Clients?

Episode #21

Where don't you find clients? In this episode Laura dives into the practical steps to "find clients" and also reflects on who you have to be to create clients as an extension of who you are. TIME STAMP [00:43] The number one question from all new nurse coaches - Where do I find clients? [02:15] 95%+ of your clients will come to you because you asked them to [03:20] Best ways to connect and invite clients [07:45] Leaders rarely get asked how they are doing [11:13] Tell everyone that you are a coach [16:30] Connecting with clients online [24:18] Indirect vs direct messaging  [26:03] Strategy doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have the mindset to support it Make sure to subscribe, rate and review our podcast!  Join our Facebook grouphttps://www.facebook.com/groups/thesuccessfulnursecoach ( HERE)  You can check us out on Instagram @successful_nursecoaches Websitehttps://www.thesuccessfulnursecoaches.com/workwithus ( https://www.thesuccessfulnursecoaches.com/workwithus)