020: How Scarcity Can Show Up In Your Practice

Episode #20

In this episode, Shelby and Laura discuss how scarcity mindset can show up in our businesses and in our personal lives. It's important to understand that we have the power to choose which thoughts we allow to run the show. TIME STAMP [1:09] Introducing today’s topic - Scarcity [2:52] Laura shares how they were just going to do it better [6:03] What if Laura has chosen a different thought? [7:19] Shelby shares how lack-mindset is showing up for her right now [9:50] Current themes showing up for clients [15:19] There’s enough for everybody to win, and nobody else can offer what I can offer [16:36] Scarcity is like wearing a different pair of glasses [20:30] We have the power to choose our thoughts Make sure to subscribe, rate and review our podcast!  Join our Facebook grouphttps://www.facebook.com/groups/thesuccessfulnursecoach ( HERE)  You can check us out on Instagram @successful_nursecoaches Websitehttps://www.thesuccessfulnursecoaches.com/workwithus ( https://www.thesuccessfulnursecoaches.com/workwithus)