019: What Does A Nurse Coach's Full Schedule Look Like?

Episode #19

In this episode, Shelby takes a deep dive into what her practice has looked like over the past 4 years and how things have shifted in the way she spends her time! If you have ever wondered how full-time coaches spend their time, this is the episode for you! TIME STAMP [1:20] Shelby shares her schedule from when she first started her business in 2018 [2:30] She shares a little bit of what was happening in her life during that time [4:50] You don’t need a website or business cards to be a coach [7:51] Laura and Shelby connected in 2019 [10:00] Connecting and inviting is number 1 [12:20] Shelby’s daily availability is 9-3 [14:17] Planning and launching this podcast [15:11] What Shelby’s calendar looks like right now [17:49] I always had support Make sure to subscribe, rate and review our podcast!  Join our Facebook grouphttps://www.facebook.com/groups/thesuccessfulnursecoach ( HERE)  You can check us out on Instagram @successful_nursecoaches Websitehttps://www.thesuccessfulnursecoaches.com/workwithus ( https://www.thesuccessfulnursecoaches.com/workwithus)