018: Client Spotlight: Sheila Ames - Are You Afraid Of Hearing No?

Episode #18

We have a special guest today on the podcast, Sheila Ames! Sheila is an amazing coach with many expertise, it has been an honor to ride the entrepreneurship roller coaster with her for the past year and a half! Sheila is the reigning champion of our "NO Challenge" that we host in our Mentorship! Sheila is super gracious with her wisdom in this episode...she is shooting straight truth right into every listener...make sure to tune in, soak it in, and put these nuggets into practice :) Let us know if you are afraid of the no...it is time to flip that switch! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nurseames (https://www.facebook.com/nurseames) Email: [email protected]  TIME STAMP [1:06] Sheila’s background and expertise [3:10] What is the NO Challenge, and how did she win 2 years in a row? [4:50] Importance of following up [8:50] Building better relationships through connection [11:00] Hearing NO is a common fear for most coaches [15:30] A “biohack” for your business [17:12] Sheila shares her results from the challenge [19:55] Using a tracking sheet for outreach [24:13] Choosing who NOT to offer to [27:46] Final words Make sure to subscribe, rate and review our podcast!  Join our Facebook grouphttps://www.facebook.com/groups/thesuccessfulnursecoach ( HERE)  You can check us out on Instagram @successful_nursecoaches Websitehttps://www.thesuccessfulnursecoaches.com/workwithus ( https://www.thesuccessfulnursecoaches.com/workwithus)