#27: Therapy vs Coaching with Jessica Demarchis

Join us this week while we talk to a SUPER special guest, Jessica DeMarchis! Jessica DeMarchis is a licensed therapist, certified life and success coach, NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist as well as a registered yoga teacher and we dive into the big question... Is coaching better than therapy? How can I stay safely within my license with nurse coaching? How do I CYA? What does my client need, coaching, therapy, or both? There is no one better qualified to weigh in on this topic and we are so stoked to share Jessica with our community!

A little more about Jess...

She helps high-achieving women ditch anxiety, doubt, and stress. Her integrative approach used in both her 1-on-1 and group coaching offerings blends her training in Western evidence-based psychotherapy with eastern philosophy and practice.

If you are feeling called to connect with her, this is how to do it!

IG: @jess_demarchis_coaching


[01:00] Introduction to Jessica DeMarchis

[04:17] Differentiating Therapy vs Coaching

[06:01] Examples of where Coaching or Therapy is appropriate

[08:43] Clients who work with a coach and a therapist at the same time - creating a treatment team

[12:51] Laura shares her experience with hiring Jessica

[16:05] The distinction between our current therapy model and the new way of coaching people

[19:00] 70% of adults have a trauma history

[24:16] Agreements and assessments when coaching

[26:47] Client progress is based on a safe relationship

[29:20] How the framework is different from a therapist vs a coach

[34:20] Jessica shares her journey from therapist to coach