#28 Community Q & A

In this episode, we sent out a message to our FB community to see what they wanted to know...and boy did y'all come through!

This is a super casual episode and the way that we answered the last still has me laughing a little bit!

This was a fun change of pace and we plan to do more of it in the future! Let us know what questions you have for the next round.



[01:00] What are some thoughts on partnering in the coaching business?

[10:00] How do you step into your authentic self, both personally and professionally, but also pay the bills, manage the house, the kids, the dogs etc? Or is it a continuous process? 

[16:36] If you could pinpoint one thing, what was the most effective action you took for your business that propelled it forward and created consistent clients?

[20:22] I’d love to know about aligning and becoming a vibrational match to higher possibilities in your business. How to step out of your comfort zone, confidently, with faith and trust?

[24:44] Top 3 pieces of advice for brand new nurse coaches

[29:42] What do you like to do for fun when you are not coaching or working on your business?