#30 Learning To Love The Art Of Sales

Persuasion? How does that word make you feel??

This week, we dive into the topic of sales and why so many nurse coaches struggle to love this process.

We get it, you have been burned before! Come reprogram a new story with us this week on why the sales process is the best thing you can learn to serve your clients.



[01:47] Laura shares her experience with sales

[03:44] To be an entrepreneur, you must learn to love the art of sales

[09:20] How Laura and Shelby help clients learn to love this process

[14:13] If we can think of confidence like a bucket

[19:36] Enthusiasm is key to selling

[26:00] Let’s talk about Persuasion

[34:26] We learn so much from sales calls, whether we make the sale or not

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