#31 What To Do When Your Client Wants To Quit?

The dreaded fear that every coach thinks about...what happens when a client wants to bail? When do you let them off the hook vs honoring your business and the contract you two signed? Is there a way to manage both?

We talk about our personal experiences and share transparently about what we did and how it played out-the good and less than ideal.

Learn from us! Don't take this problem on solo!



[00.47] Shelby and Laura share some experiences of when they had clients who wanted to quit

[06:20] Sticking to the Agreements to protect both the coach and client

[08:00] Avoid difficult conversations via email or text. It is always best to connect over the phone or zoom

[12:34] Refunds

[18:51] When life flips upside down for a client

[25:00] Establishing boundaries even when it feels tough

[27:52] Our untapped potential - “When you think your body is at 100% and you have nothing else to give, you are actually only operating at 40%.”