#32 So You Think You Have Done Nervous System Work with Sarah Kleiner

Shelby here :)

I purposely made the title of this to grab your attention!

Nervous System Work is something that has not only changed my capacity in my business but has changed my life. 

Tune in for this extra LONG episode with my somatic practitioner that I have been working with for over a year now and what nervous system work actually is and why you likely need it too :)


[02:12] Sarah Kleiner shares a little bit about herself and her practice

[06:28] You cannot take your clients deeper then you have gone yourself - beyond the surface of nervous system work

[09:20] Discovering root causes

[10:50] Shelby shares a client’s experience with shifting the pattern

[13:14] Sarah shares a little bit of what a client session could look like

[19:31] How this work evolves

[23:50] Our body feels sensation and our brain gives it meaning

[28:10] When we don’t have healthy ways to express our emotions, other problems can arise in the body

[31:53] Your body is trying to protect you from certain sensations, and it’s exhausting

[41:09] Nervous system work is important if you are wanting to create the life and business of your dreams

[45:46] Understanding our ancestral lines and how deep this work can go