# 34 Inner vs. Outer: The Hidden Work of Private Practice

Ever wonder what our inner work has looked like over the past 4 years?

In this episode, we spill the beans! We talk about why inner work is necessary to your practice and also shed some light on the inner journey we have been on over the years.

This is a real casual chat, so if you want to hang out with us, grab a snack and get something to drink, and put us on speaker!


[03:10] This is more of a personal episode, where Shelby and Laura share some of their healing journey with the audience

[06:40] Starting from the beginning

[12:10] Coaching through the difficult topics

[18:30] Shebly shares how she hired coaches to support her physically, emotionally and spiritually in the beginning stages of her practice

[23:00] Laura shares that the more support she had for herself reflected the amount of success she experienced in her business 

[31:52] HIring support for yourself ripples into so many other aspects of life and business