# 36 Why Nurse Coach Certification Matters

We are so FREAKING stoked to bring this episode to all of you! Something tells me that you are going to be just as excited!

This week, we get to interview the reason The Successful Nurse Coaches exist.

Heather Lapides and Peter Giza are co-founders of The Nurse Coach Collective, where they've trained thousands of nurses to become Board Certified Nurse Coaches.

Their work has infiltrated every level of the medical system - empowering nurses across the globe to reconnect with their purpose as healers.

Together with the Collective, they're working to eradicate preventable disease, eliminate nurse burnout, and transform healthcare - one conversation at a time.

Tune in! This is a juicy one that you don't want to miss!

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[00:50] Introducing Heather Lapides and Peter Giza

[03:20] Heather and Peter share how they first started

[07:50] Peter gushes about Shelby and Laura a little bit

[08:46] The importance of Board Certification 

[18:10] The difference between other certifications available

[25:47] What makes The Nurse Coach Collective unique

[27:57] Peter shares the inner work and his transformation

[31:33] Heather shares how this profession has given her the Freedom she was craving

[40:14] What does the future hold for Nurse Coaching

[50:17] Advice for potential nurse coaches