# 37 Client Spitlight: Barbi Buckles-How To Build and In Person Practice

This week, Shelby interviews Barbi who is our resident in-person client creator and boycotter of social media!

Barbi is located in Lake Tahoe where she has built an entirely community-based nurse coaching practice that is fueled by her passion for loving humans and her desire to help make the world a better place.

Barbi has had insane success since starting her practice 2 years ago and her commitment to the process v the outcome is crystal clear as you listen to this week's episode!

If you want to connect with Barbi, you can shoot her a message on Facebook (Barbi Buckles)

or check out her website:

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[01:52] Shelby introduces Barbi

[03:16] Barbi shares her journey with becoming a nurse coach

[09:22] What it was like working with Laura

[15:25] Barbi shares how we can always figure out the challenges 

[19:42] How to keep the enthusiasm high

[33:00] Barbi shares tips and tricks about meeting in-person