# 38 Client Spotlight: Sita Coutu - The Chocolate Nurse

In this episode Laura interviews one of our Master's Mentorship Year Two superstars.

Sita offers deep transformative healing in partnership with Sacred Chocolate as a Board Certified Life and Holistic Nurse Coach. Her healing journey brought her from the Cardiac ICU of Mount Sinai Hospital to the heart-healing properties of Sacred Chocolate. She has been a student of this medicine for the last 8 years and is leading the way of bringing Sacred Chocolate to the world of Healthcare. Sita is expert at partnering with Sacred Chocolate to help her clients accelerate with falling back in love with life.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sita.coutu

Heal Your Heart with Chocolate Facebook Group:


Website: HealthAlchemyRN.com



[00:37] Laura introduces Sita

[02:18] Sita shares what she loves about private practice

[08:10] Sita hires her first life coach

[12:24] As her health fell apart, she found the tools that brought her back to life

[14:17] Sita travels to Guatemala to study coffee and cacao

[20:26] Sita shares her Spiritual moments

[27:20] Chocolate can create massive impact (clip)

[31:40] Laura shares Evan’s experience during a ceremony. “It’s not just a cup of chocolate”.

[34:03] Sita teaches us more about Cacao and implications physiologically 

[42:36] Who Sita is working with now and the Be, Do, Have Paradigm