# 39 Babies + Business

In this episode, Shelby talks about how she does it all as a mom and a business owner...or more like how she doesn't do it all and has learned to delegate and ask for help!

Business and motherhood can be fuel for one another with the right support! We hope that this shines a light on how these things are possible and that you can have your cake and eat it too.



[01:26] Shelby shares being a first time mom and navigating an array of challenges

[07:25] You are going to have to choose what to prioritize

[08:19] Asking for help

[09:40] Take time off of your business to rest and replenish

[14:15] Shelby provides a timeline for Mamas 

[15:19] Monotasking

[17:00] What things will look like with baby #2 for Shelby