# 41 Client Spotlight - Amy Frame

In this episode, Laura get's the privilege of interviewing her younger sister and client of 18 months Amy Frame. Amy talks about how her medical freedom beliefs and faith affected her journey to full-time entrepreneurship. She also has a really inspiring story of taking big risks for big payoffs!

Amy Frame also has the highest back end offer success rate that we have seen and we are so excited to have her accept the offer to join our expanding team!

Amy has been a registered nurse for over 12 years. Before nursing, She was in the Army and served overseas in Iraq. She has always been drawn to helping others and decided to join the military at the young age of seven. Two months after her 18th birthday, and right after the September 11 attacks, she left for boot camp. She loved her time in the military but knew that she was meant for more. The last five years have been tough in the healthcare system as her beliefs about health began to shift. In 2021 she stepped out of bedside nursing completely and pursued her dream to open my practice as a Board Certified Nurse Coach.


Today she is supporting others to create their desired life offering life and business coaching.  She loves coaching around the mindset challenges that affect every entrepreneur in their first year.  She also accepted the offer to join the Successful Nurse Coach Team as a Lead Preceptor and Lead Mentor.


Amy Frame RN, BSN, BC-NC




E-mail: [email protected]


[02:32] Amy shares her medical freedom journey

[06:20] When Amy walked away from her nursing career and stepped into her nurse coaching career

[08:44] Living true to our values

[14:17] Some of the negative implications

[16:29] How faith shows up for Amy and her clients

[20:54 How to find success with your backend offers

[26:40] It’s all about mindset

[28:35] I believe in coaching 

[30:20] Everyone has a story and special gifts

[31:55] Why Amy loves working with entrepreneurs

[42:16] Amy’s Big Vision for next year