# 42 Client Spotlight- Shawne Acreneaux

This week I get to interview another rock star client (and newest member of our team!) Shawne!

If you don't know Shawne, you must be living under a rock...she is the queen of being seen and helping other nurse coaches do the same!

Shawne has created insane success this year in her private practice, quit her job, step into many leadership roles in our community...we are so lucky to have her in our circle as well!

Tune in this week and let us know what lands...it's a good one!

Shawne is a Nurse Coach based in the Greater Seattle area in Washington State. She is a jack-of-all-trades - She coaches life, wellness, business, and everything in between! She is a fellow podcaster and does some work within organizations. She is a Co-Instructor with The Nurse Coach Collective. She is an expert at helping nurse coaches navigate technology when starting out in private practice. And finally, she is just super passionate about helping everyone around her create a life and/or practice that is heart-centered and aligned with their authentic self.

Website / Social Links:

Website: https://www.alignwellco.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nursecoachshawne

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nursecoachshawne

Facebook Groups:




[00:35] Shelby introduces Shawne and welcomes her to the show

[02:30] Shawne shares her experience with working with clients 1:1

[04:56] Some of the blocks with showing up online

[09:09] How does the work evolve

[12:22] Shawne shares her journey with coaching and other business models

[18:48] Nurse coaching is so different

[22:02] “Follow the excitement” - Laura Minard

[28:38] Dropping “people pleasing” tendencies and creating space

[31:13] See how big you can dream