# 43 Money Consciousness

In this episode Laura gives an overview of her money mindset evolution. She shares how her childhood and family affected her money mindset and that it didn't really matter until she became an entrepreneur. Laura shares some common mindset blocks that new entrepreneurs come face to face with as well as how to upgrade your money consciousness!


[01:21] Laura shares her money mindset journey - past to present

[10:40] Money is infinite

[12:51] The fear of not belonging

[17:00] Book recommendation - How To Solve Your Money Problems Forever BY: Victor Boc. This book helped Laura with her money mindset immediately.

[17:50] What is money?

[25:35] Money is Energy

[32:59] Giving

[35:29] Saying the word “expensive” is not ideal when working on your money mindset

[37:23] What do you do when your partner has the worst money mindset?