# 44 What To Do When A Client is Unhappy

Is this your worst nightmare as a coach?!

Us too!

We get super vulnerable in this episode, speaking from the heart of lessons learned and insights gained.

We hope that this is a soft space to land for WHEN this happens in your practice...and knowing that it is okay, you are not a bad coach!

There is so much to learn, grow from, and evolve your business when you hit speed bumps...hang in there!


[01:41] When this happens, it can feel like an emotional rollercoaster

[03:26] Anger usually shows up first, followed by sadness, fear, imposter syndrome and insecurity

[08:07] Pause and check in with mentors

[10:34] Shelby shares an experience with a past client

[14:42] Drama triangle

[17:54] Transparency is important

[28:27] Breaking energetic ties

[31:41] Refunds and outstanding payments

[36:07]We have come so far with having difficult conversations and fear of confrontation