# 46 How To Convert Pro Bono Clients Into Paid Clients

Would you believe that some new nurse coaches graduate certification with 4-5 paid clients?!

We have seen this happen and we want to make sure that you know how to do it!!

Since you have powerfully served your pro bono clients for several hours, this is generally a super easy transition. They know what they are investing in, you know their vision, and it is a natural evolution to the next phase of working together!

Tune in and have something to take notes on! This is a lesson to come back to over and over!


[01:30] Shelby shares how she started with her pro bono clients

[03:30] What do you need to begin onboarding paid clients?

[04:44] Finishing with pro bono clients first is important, just like certification.

[10:17] You do not have to offer to work with everyone. Some clients will not be a good fit and should be referred out.

[14:53] When your client wants to continue working with you.

[18:50] The work is never done

[19;55] What if you could dream bigger?

[24:30] The belief that I could help people.

[27:53] Why our programs work.

[29:12] The power in the Pause, when it’s time for the proposal.

[32:58] You are selling them on their vision