# 47 What Coaching Looks Like When Your Husband Isn't A Coach

Join Rob and I for a super special episode where you all get to pick his brain!

I asked you all for questions, and yall came through!

Rob is not a coach, hasn’t hired any coaches, and isn’t a personal development junkie…but he is full of wisdom and graciously vulnerable with all of you during this hour sharing his perspective on our relationship, coaching, and what it is like to support a successful woman :)

This is our personal experience, unique to us, and I am so excited to finally share the person I love most with all of you!

Let me know if you make it to the end; there is a special update that I am excited to celebrate with all of you!




[02:05] Shelby and Rob share how they met and how their relationship developed.

[06:52] When Shelby first told Rob about Nurse Coaching.

[09:10] Navigating shifts in career while living apart.

[11:34] Shelby hires her first Life/Business Coach.

[15:39] The beginning of Shelby’s entrepreneurial journey

[19:03] What about the unpredictability and income?

[24:40] What if it all crashed and burned?

[26:19] Supportive parents

[28:15] What it’s like to be married to a successful woman

[34:17] Conscious support

[42:26] Rob is currently looking for his first coach!