# 48 Live Coaching | Daphene Marshall

Daphene Marshall is originally from Brooklyn, NY, now living in Valley Stream Long Island. She has been a Registered Nurse for more than 35 years mostly in the Neonatal ICU.

She has a Masters in Nursing and in Health Administration. She is a graduate of The Nurse Coach Collective in May 2022. Her business is named, You are Powerful Wellness.

In this episode Laura uses motivational interviewing and deep listening to coach live, without notes, to show what nurse coaching is!

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Instagram: iamdaphene

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[00:40] Laura shares the story of when she first encountered Daphene

[03:51] Daphene shares how she currently shows up online in motivating others

[06:51] Connecting her energy to her responsibility

[08:55] Daphene shares a little bit about her past and how those experiences shaped how she operates today

[12:12] Having to Let Go

[16:58] The belief of having to work hard or hustle in order to earn

[19:18] How faith plays a role

[25:23] Daphene commits to speaking on stage within the next 90 days

[30:11] A story from her past that always shows up

[35:19] Turn on the darn oven!

[39:06] What frightens us the most is how powerful we actually are

[43:52] The land of possibility