# 51 How To Slow Down To Speed Up With Amyee Oen

Ahhh man, this episode is this one I wish I heard when I was brand new as a coach!

Join me today and I get to have an intimate chat with one of our amazing lead coaches, Amyee about rest, play, and getting out of your own head. It is seriously the thing that allows you to make more money in your practice…

Amyee is a board certified nurse coach, trauma informed breathwork facilitator, owner of True North Coaching and Lead Mentor for the Successful Nurse Coaches.

She uses deep somatic coaching and breathwork to guide clients through their healing, self discovery and transformation in life and entrepreneurship.

Amyee host retreats that combine adventure, nature, nervous system practices, breathwork and transformation into one of a kind life changing experiences.

She is an overall badasssss, ya know?



FB: https://www.facebook.com/amyee.oen

IG: https://www.instagram.com/findyourtruenorthcoaching/




[04:16] What it means to slow down to speed up

[07:37] Aymee shares a few stories where she slowed down

[12:30] Shelby shares about taking time with her daughter

[18:21] Calling out nurse coaches to honor their boundaries

[25:16] How to begin to slow down

[27:46] Do Not Disturb on weekends

[31:44] Find support