# 52 What Qualities Do Successful Nurse Coaches Have?

In this episode, Laura shares her perspective on what qualities make a successful nurse coach. She has coached over 200 nurse coaches, and been the instructor for over 200 nurse coaches. Themes like extreme ownership, Curiosity vs. Judgement, not compartmentalizing their life, and even the ability to laugh at oneself are a few of the themes she will describe in this episode.

Laura asks that you listen to this with the intent to see the similarities and not to judge yourself. We all have these qualities and this episode invites us to dial them up!


[03:58] Notice how your brain thinks as you listen to this episode

[05:11] Successful nurse coaches embody entrepreneurship 

[06:29] Extreme ownership

[14:39] Choose to Find Value

[15:33] Laugh often at yourself

[18:11] Keeping your ego in check

[20:41] Walk the walk

[26:39] Entrepreneurship versus being an employee

[30:10] Successful coaches are good at being New

[31:47] Fall in love with the pursuit

[34:39] Invest in yourself