# 53 How To Find Your Joy with Cindy Sammetinger

Ever wonder why some people are happier than others? Why other people are happier than you, even if they may have less than you?

Join Shelby and Cindy and today on the pod as they explore this conundrum and give you some practical steps to take on how to invite more joy into your life.

Spoiler; this will also help deepen your coaching work with clients! Be sure to take a listen!

Cindy is a former ICU, Labor and Delivery nurse, and then nursing school instructor who finally found her passion in nurse coaching! She was ticked that she bought into the lie of working 40 years before retiring and finally getting a chance to live a joy-filled life. She hit her breaking point. Work sucked. She was overwhelmed with life, motherhood, homeschooling, maintaining a home, and balancing all the things, all the time. At this point, she hired her first life coach and everything started to shift. She was going to jump into nurse coach certification and then suffered a miscarriage and entered into a dark time in her life. She started counseling and again fell in love with her own healing journey and wanted to help others do the same! She started her coaching training in June of 2020, hired Laura as her business coach in October of 2020, and had her first 10K month in July 2021! Cindy works with entrepreneurs, nurse coaches, moms, and all sorts of normal people…who want to change their lives!

Instagram: @cindy_sammetinger

Facebook: Cindy Sammetinger

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.arrowsonpurpose.com/


[00:39] Welcoming back Cindy Sammetinger on the podcast

[02:43] Cindy shares her story of not allowing herself to be happy

[07:36] Celebrate well

[08:25] The Upper Limit

[10:53] Believe in Abundance & Worthiness 

[14:50] Emotions

[20:12] Identifying where we feel emotions in our bodies

[23:44] Space to hold more Joy