# 56 Q & A Fun!

Join Shelby and Laura this week for a super casual fun episode answering your questions from the FB group!

We cover a wide range of questions and of course get off topic…so grab a snack and some water to come hang out!


[02:19] Laura and Shelby begin by sharing what their routines looked like in the beginning stages of building their businesses.

[07:24] Focus on the right things. 

[09:57] Time Blocking

[11:01] Finding inspiration & new routines

[14:13] Laura and her family adapt to the new timezone

[17:41] Maternity leave, scheduling time off and self-care

[28:53] Re-investing in our business isn’t always business related.

[32:40] It may not feel balanced for 2 years

[40:00] Asking for financial help

[45:49] Lack of belief

[49:54] How to build a business without social media