# 57 Coaching + Shelby's Pregnancy Journey

Hey Team, Shelby here!

Join me this week as I take a bit of a vulnerable deep dive and share a bit of my birth story and how coaching support has helped me navigate real-life stressors!

I think this episode can be particularly helpful if you work with mamas in any form or fashion, but specifically around pregnancy :) You can pull from my experience when connecting with potential clients!

Rosie does join me for this episode because the baby girl loves her mama, so enjoy her little noises in the background!


[02:08] How coaching has helped Shelby through her pregnancy journey

[04:28] Shelby talks about her first pregnancy

[07:20] Second open heart surgery and second pregnancy

[08:53] Aortic aneurysm anatomy

[11:18] Shelby had an awesome support team

[16:37] “The Birth Plan”

[30:44] Coaching work can increase the quality of life

[36:00] Being okay with asking for help