# 58 Different Success Trajectories - Case Studies

This week’s episode is so much fun!!

We share the details of different clients' paths to success that we have never shared before to inspire you in this journey of entrepreneurship, and to remind you that this really does look different for everyone.

We see comparison seep in frequently during your first year of practice and it is truly the thief of joy.

If you can just remember that everyone makes it to the BBQ at the end (tune in for cheesy metaphors on this episode-ha!) then you can show up for the journey and be less fixated on the destination.

I would really love to hear what resonates for you in this episode…let us know in the comments!



[01:43] Sharing the perspective of the Nurse Coaching Industry

[04:46] Fast & Furious

[16:49] Slow & Steady

[24:45] Mindset & Inner work

[34:15] Failure to launch