# 59 How To Run A Workshop or Meetup Event

In this episode, Laura teaches you how to run a meetup or workshop event to market your coaching business.

She shares about her first meetup and gives some ideas on how to copy it and make it your own.


[01:15] Meetup App Information

[02:45] Why we offer Meetups and Workshops - experience versus teaching

[06:26] Laura shares some examples of the types of Meetups she has ran in the past

[09:14] Hosting events consistently makes it easier

[12:02] Icebreaker

[13:39] Present your content

[14:36] Be the channel

[18:10] Closing

[23:33] Laura takes us through an experience

[28:57] Ask what actions they can take afterward

[30:49] These meetups & workshops create transformative experiences


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