The Successful Nurse Coach

The Successful Nurse Coach

Hosted by: Laura Minard, Shelby Kurz

The Successful Nurse Coaches is a space for Private Practice Nurse Coaches to learn the skills to generate income and create the successful private practice of their dreams. Laura Minard and Shelby Kurz are both...

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018: Client Spotlight: Sheila Ames - Are You Afraid Of Hearing No?

Episode #18

We have a special guest today on the podcast, Sheila Ames! Sheila is an amazing coach with many expertise, it has been an honor to ride the entrepreneurship roller coaster with her for the past year and a half!...
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017: Why You Shouldn't Be A Perfect Nurse Coach

Episode #17

In this episode, Laura and Shelby share how they have successfully built their coaching businesses, by throwing perfectionism out the window. Tapping into the creative flow, and taking messy action, is the best...
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016: Social Media: Friend Or Foe?

Episode #16

In this episode, Laura and Shelby share their experiences with using social media to build their coaching businesses. What has worked for them, and some of the misconceptions they found along the way. TIME...
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015: Client Spotlight - Amy Colombo

Episode #15

In this episode, Laura interviews Amy Colombo, who has created a lot of success within her first 3 months of private practice as a nurse coach. Amy shares her journey and certain aspects of this career that she loves....
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014: Are Coaches Just Coaching Coaches?

Episode #14

In this episode Laura and Shelby bust a few myths within the coaching industry. Are all coaches just coaching coaches? Is coaching an MLM? Who is coaching regular people? These questions are fairly common, especially...
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013: Feeling Unorganized? Is it Resistance?

Episode #13

In this podcast, Laura and Shelby dig deep into organization and why some people struggle with it and others don’t. They share the resistance to work, how to create more peace in your life, and create structure in...
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012: How To Be Confident as a New Coach

Episode #12

In this episode, Shelby and Laura talk about the power of owning your confidence. Getting started as a nurse coach can be scary but with this episode, you will learn some great tips to become confident right off the...
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011: Client Spotlight - Cindy Sammetinger

Episode #11

In this episode, Laura interviews Cindy who is a nurse coach and part of the successful nurse coaches. Cindy shares her journey from the ICU to creating her ideal dream day working 30 hours a week doing what she...
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010: Client Spotlight: Amyee Oen

Episode #10

In this episode, Shelby interviews Amyee, who is a former ER nurse turned board-certified nurse coach passionate about helping her clients transform their lives and holistically heal.  She coaches high achievers and...
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009: How To Show Up When Life Sucks

Episode #9

Laura and Shelby dive deep into how to operate your business even when you feel stuck, low energy and are having a hard time personally. They share what they do to get inspired again, what to do in hard situations and...
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008: From Pain to Purpose

Episode #8

Laura shares her story of becoming a nurse, a nurse coach and now creating a successful company. Her journey wasn’t just career-based but very personal from her and her daughter's health. Since going all-in with nurse...
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007: Burnout Nurse to Successful Coach

Episode #7

Shelby goes in depth on how she became a nurse, nurse burnout and how she transitioned into nurse coaching. She was a travel nurse and worked all over the country but knew it never felt like home. Shelby jumped into...
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