# 99 Part 1: "NO" Challenge Runner Up: Tammy Hurst

In this upbeat, high energy, exciting podcast, Laura interviews Tammy the runner up winner in our October No Challenge. The No Challenge rules were as follows:


Point System:

  • 1 point for being ghosted (not getting any answer).  We want you to keep following up though because you get 5 points if they say No!

  • 5 Points for a NO to a powerful conversation or workshop.

  • 10 Points for a NO that follows an actual proposal.  You must say a price for this to count.


Tammy earned 864 Points! She got 36 Yes’s and had 14 powerful conversations in the month of November!


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Tammy wanted to be a nurse since she was six years old, but after 29 years in L&D, it took one conversation with an experienced nurse coach to know she had found what she was craving. She works with highly motivated women wanting to live better, feel better, and be better.






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