# 108 Client Spotlight: Meghan Ruttan

Meghan and I have an overlap with the things that make us nerdy and excited…I am so stoked to bring this conversation to the table today.


We are going to talk about managing the unknown, subconscious programming, and how to channel all of this into the life we want to live.


Meghan is a TSNC Master’s client and if you have the blessing of knowing her, you know what it means to be loved by her :) So curious to know what resonates for you here in this episode!!


Watch the full podcast episode with video HERE!



Meghan Ruttan is a board certified nurse coach, and specializes in life and embodiment coaching. She reconnects ambitious, high-achieving women to balance and fulfillment at the soul-level. Blending holistic practices with somatics, psychology, neuroscience, energetics, and spirituality— she supports her clients in their healing, growth, and expansion.


Website: www.ruttancoaching.com