# 126 Strategy 101: Short, Medium & Long Game

Laura breaks down different strategies as they relate to where you are in your business. Using the analogy that we must learn addition and subtraction prior to multiplication, Laura teaches you exactly what actions are involved in every aspect of your business.

ROI means return on time investment. This is how long it takes to be physically paid for you work!


Short Game - 0-30 Days ROI- #1 Priority of year one - master of this process

  • DM and invites

  • Reviewing your Tracker for past potential clients

  • Asking family and friends for referrals

  • Going belly to belly to biz and inviting into Powerful Conversations

  • Donation only sessions w/ specific Framework

  • Short “Challenge” 4 weeks or less for a low price.

When practice is full:

Decrease short game or take a quick break

When practice is not full:

20 - 30% should be spent here


Medium Game 30-120 Days ROI

  • June  - Host your own workshop

    • Pick Date, Topic, Announce

      • Create Marketing Plan to point to June Workshop

  • July Series Teaching - Workshop

    • Call to action at the end of July

    • Increasing relevance, authority to that group of people

  • Attending Retreat - Guest Presenter October

    • Possibly 10 people

  • Get booth’s at local events - Strength in the City

  • Going biz to biz promoting self - belly to belly

  • BNI? - External networking groups

  • Toastmasters

  • Weekly Meditation Group

  • Hosting your own retreat

  • Email marketing if you have targeted market


Long Game - 120 - 2 Years

  • Niche - With targeted marketing plan, email marketing

  • Podcast - When you are ready to launch we have a launch strategy to gain momentum

  • Great website

  • Youtube or video content

  • Social Media Presence


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