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Bryanna Reilly

My business before working with Shelby was hiding under limiting beliefs and self-doubt. I was uncomfortable saying my price out loud and believed a dollar amount determined my worth. My focus was on things like a website, business cards, needing to be active for the sake of being active on social media. I had nothing set up to be prepared for paying clients and at the start of working with Shelby, I had zero paying clients. Now, I am set up to sign on clients and I have signed 4 paying clients, at prices I didn’t think anyone would pay for 8 weeks ago! I am consistently getting coaching calls on my calendar through intentionally being active on social media and creating conversations about my business with excitement and confidence. This is just a brief snippet of how my life and business have shifted in just 8 weeks. Living out my vision and the direction of my private practice becomes more of a reality every day.

Jolene Keller

I started working with Laura in the mentorship program right after completing my certifications and I honestly did not know how I wanted to use my new nurse coaching certification but knew that there was something else more fulfilling out there for me! She helped me find clarity and work through what a nurse coaching practice looked like for ME. The tools provided made things easy to follow even with working full-time! I signed my first paid client within the first few weeks of the program which I believe would never have happened without Laura‘s guidance. This experience has help me push forward gain confidence and not feels overwhelmed with starting a new business. The motivation and support provided by this group has helped me work through the process of how to create clients and to learn more about who I am and who I want to coach. I am beyond grateful for this experience and know that this is exactly where I need to be.


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Cindy Sammetinger

Laura has helped me believe in the person I am at my core. She sees me as already successful and nudges me in the direction that aligns with my vision, values, and dreams. Last month I earned over 12k in my business and I know that wouldn’t have been possible without my amazing coach! 

Sara Visness

Before working with Shelby, I did not have any paying clients, and within the first few weeks I got my first paying client, AND she was my IDEAL client! I have so much more confidence and I have a clear direction on what my next steps are as I continue to grow my coaching business.