Success Stories

Cindy Sammetinger, RN, MSN, NC-BC
Arrows on Purpose Coaching

"I became a nurse coach because I was just tired of watching what was going on in health care. I wanted to really help people just be their best self and live a life that was free of all of that garbage. I started my business while I was still in The Collective and I just knew that was what I wanted to do. I wanted to create a lifestyle that allowed me to still be a nurse, but also have freedom. I just jumped on board and created my first paid client for my pro-bono clients. It just kept on going. It's been amazing! I'm just floored that this is my life. I get to really help people, I get to know people, and I get to serve them in a powerful way without feeling burnt out - without working 12 hour shifts. It's a beautiful life."

Sita-Rama Coutu, RN, NC-BC
Health Alchemy RN

"In becoming a nurse coach I was really considering a life and career change again. What I envisioned was really to help people in a deep, powerful, and intimate level. I saw myself in a private practice.

Once I met Laura, I realized that I had no idea as far as the business aspect goes. I felt like I wasn't business-savvy enough to do this on my own. I was really grateful that Laura reached out to me that this exists, that I didn't have to do this alone."