Kristina Junge//Wonderfully Made Coaching

"For over a year I followed The Successful Nurse Coach Facebook group and interacted periodically with them.

To be honest, my biggest fear was around spending money and essentially losing money on a course that didn't serve me. It seems like a soon as you become a coach you are inundated with ads for how to "grow your business," yet as a new coach you are not making any profits yet so it's scary to spend money when you aren't making money.

What I love about this program is that in 8 weeks I not only made back the money I invested but made $1200 more on top of that investment. This is the first time in 18 months of coaching that I ever profited from my coaching! This is a program that helps you to step out of your own way, have powerful conversations, start coaching, and get paid what you are worth! I had a limiting belief that I could not "charge" people "that much" for my services.

Shelby helped me identify this money story that was holding me back. As soon as I realized the value of what I was offering people I started sharing that value with confidence to my prospects and my business grew exponentially. I cannot believe what I accomplished in just 8 weeks. That is the power of having your own coach. The coaching that Shelby offered and modeled to me had the greatest impact of all. The way that she served me in this program and invested in me grew me as a coach and that growth changed the way I run my coaching business. I am so grateful for this experience and what it has done for me personally as well as in my business. If you are wondering if this is worth it, I promise you it is! I wish I had started this program 18 months ago."

Barbi Buckles//Tahoe Truckee Nurse Coach

"I could have never imagined being this far along in my new career as a Nurse Coach without Laura's and support and motivation. Working with Laura has been key to my successful transition and helping me grow as a woman, a coach and a new business owner.

Laura and Shelby have the skills, experience and most importantly, the inspiration to help you reach your true potential and to stretch your belief system with confidence.

I am still “young” in my career, but it’s clear that I could not be here today without them. Laura's support drives and inspires me in ways/directions that I have never gone before, and have helped me find my passion again in Nursing. Through working with Laura, I have the confidence to create any path or niche that I choose for myself in this business and I can count on their continuous support along the way. Your dreams can finally become reality!

I highly recommend their programs to any nurse seriously considering a “higher purpose” and looking to commit to a career that drives you to become the best person possible, all while building a business that helps others thrive like never before."

I became a nurse coach because I was just tired of watching what was going on in health care. I wanted to really help people just be their best self and live a life that was free of all of that garbage. I started my business while I was still in The Collective and I just knew that was what I wanted to do. I wanted to create a lifestyle that allowed me to still be a nurse, but also have freedom. I just jumped on board and created my first paid client for my pro-bono clients. It just kept on going. It's been amazing! I'm just floored that this is my life. I get to really help people, I get to know people, and I get to serve them in a powerful way without feeling burnt out - without working 12 hour shifts. It's a beautiful life.


Cindy Sammetinger

Founder of Arrows on Purpose Coaching


In becoming a nurse coach I was really considering a life and career change again. What I envisioned was really to help people in a deep, powerful, and intimate level. I saw myself in a private practice.

Once I met Laura, I realized that I had no idea as far as the business aspect goes. I felt like I wasn't business-savvy enough to do this on my own. I was really grateful that Laura reached out to me that this exists, that I didn't have to do this alone.


Sita Rama

Founder of Health Alchemy RN

"Prior to working with The Successful Nurse Coaches, I was struggling on feeling inadequate as a nurse coach. I often wondered what I was doing wrong or about what I should be doing. I was not allowing space to connect with those that I could serve. What I discovered was this: Each of us (in this field of wellness) has a desire to create a better world. Each of us has unique strengths and skills to share and there of plenty of people waiting for us. The world presented me with some hard challenges during these past 12 weeks... and I finished on fire. I am no longer trying to force my way into the coaching world, but have created the space in my life for serving."


Kelly Warr BSN, RN, NC-BC

[email protected]

"The Successful Nurse Coach Programs are worth every dollar and every minute you will invest!! It actually exceeded my expectations and provided me with everything I had hoped for and needed and more! I am someone who needs structure and consistency, but also the space in which to be myself, express myself, and feel comfortable enough to be truly open, honest, and vulnerable. That was exactly the safe container that Shelby created and consistently maintained for us. I have been so underwhelmed at times by other workshops I've participated in that I honestly didn't expect to get the personal attention and the constant support and encouragement, practical and usable tools and advice, the wisdom and insight, and the follow-up (amazing follow-up!!) in a group setting like this. I have taken other training and workshops in which I was promised mentorship, guidance, support, ongoing access to resources, etc - but, never really got those things consistently or sometimes even at all! This, to me, was true mentorship and true servant leadership. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Shelby and Laura. I am so very grateful to have found The Successful Nurse Coach and to have had this amazing opportunity!"


Linde Carter
Grief Recovery/Transitional Nurse Coach

"Laura pushed me to be direct and state out loud what I wanted. With her guidance, I gained clarity on what I wanted my life to look like and developed a plan to go part-time. I am able to incorporate my love for nature with coaching into something that doesn't feel like work. I'm heading for the target-simple connections in nature. Laura helped me realize it was ok to not have a clue how to get there as long as I know that I'm heading in the right direction. Consistently putting one foot in front of the other daily is the key!"


Jolene Keller, BSN, RN, NC-BC

"I found the most value in space being held for my wild and crazy ideas, and the encouragement from Laura & Shelby to take action on those wild and crazy ideas. I tend to sit on ideas for too long and I've been given explicit instructions to NOT do that anymore! Since then, those wild and crazy ideas have turned into pure gold - my signature offers and unique proprietary methods that excite me and make business fun. My biggest challenge was trusting that I'm a dang genius and I can do whatever I want to make my business work for me!"


Jen Yang, BSN, RN, NC-BC

"I found through working with Laura that I could truly make my business be whatever I wanted it to be! There are no limits to nurse coaching. I got to try ideas out without judgement, have accountability for my goals, and through trial and error figure out who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do! I came into the container with an idea of what I wanted my practice to look like but over the months through deep coaching while taking action found what I really wanted was quite different! That idea turned into reality and now I do nurse coaching in a way that works for me using my clinical knowledge and skills while still being able to deeply connect with my clients. My income is growing and I know there's no limit to the potential I have! My biggest challenge was keeping on when things got tough; I worked a full-time job while building my business and am a wife and mom. I don't think I would have grown and thus manifested my dream work if it had not been for the coaching space Laura provided. The investment was worth it!"


Nadine DeSmidt

Founder - EmpowHer Wellness 

"The Value I have received from working with the Successful Nurse Coach team, Laura in the Mentorship, has been beyond ANY price that I’ve paid. I am now seeing that Nurse Coaching is one of my greatest Life Works (that is unfolding) and I want to be faithful to it and enjoy it! This means help, support and a community which are all a part of SNC programs. I chose to work with SNC for the Mentorship, because in becoming a  Nurse Coach, there were so many unknowns before me, I knew I needed help to navigate the new waters. During the Mentorship, I was going through such a personal transformation, I see now, I needed a place (weekly coaching calls) and unconditional love and support to hold me steady while having a new business. SNC programs and workshops provided that.

Nancy Barlow 

[email protected]

"I originally hired Shelby for business coaching but quickly realized the life coaching she provided was the real game-changer. Shelby worked  with me during one of the most stressful years of my life and never showed up less than 100% to support me in whatever I needed that week, even if it was just holding space for me crying on the call (which was often lol). This coaching container has been life-changing- my career is more aligned, I feel empowered to take care of myself radically, I am surrounded by women who are supportive and inspiring, and I am more open to the abundance life has to offer. I can’t stress enough how amazing it was to have Shelby as a guide, mentor, and now friend, and I will forever be grateful for my experience!"

Amanda Young

Founder of YoungLife Health & Wellness Coaching, PLLC