# 117 Client Spotlight: Jessica Mclellan

In this week’s episode, Laura interviews Jessica Ann about her journey from the beginning. We talked about energy healing, being able to feel emotions, and how if you don’t quit sometimes things will just click.


 Jess is the owner/creator of Jessica Ann CO & Somatic Energetics. She is a Soul Purpose Coach, Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Energy Medicine & Somatic Practitioner, & Teacher

Jess is guide for visionaries who are READY to Reclaim their power and Rise into their purpose. Jess is a multidimensional being who is here to teach the rebel souls how to do life, healing + business radically different.

Being a mama of 2 little boys, and nurse for 16+ years, she knew there was a different way to heal vs just putting a bandaid on it. She started her energy healing business 8 years ago incorporating it into her nursing career, later became a board certified nurse coach and left her bedside nursing corporate career.


Become a certified Somatic Energy Practitioner:   https://jessicaann.co/certification

Somatic Energetics Collective - facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3216633025276189

Watch the full episode with video here!