The Succesful Nurse Coach Method

With this easy to follow 5 step method, you will be able to secure your first paid client within 30 days-guaranteed.

(yep, we guarantee it! And don't be surprised if it happens in 7 days or less). Why is this important? The truth is, you can get paid while you learn, you can get paid while you build your practice, and you can get paid really well doing it. You can serve clients powerfully, right out of the gate, so that you can transition out of your traditional nurse role as quickly as you would like to.

I became a nurse coach because I was just tired of watching what was going on in health care. I wanted to really help people just be their best self and live a life that was free of all of that garbage. I started my business while I was still in The Collective and I just knew that was what I wanted to do. I wanted to create a lifestyle that allowed me to still be a nurse, but also have freedom. I just jumped on board and created my first paid client for my pro-bono clients. It just kept on going. It's been amazing! I'm just floored that this is my life. I get to really help people, I get to know people, and I get to serve them in a powerful way without feeling burnt out - without working 12 hour shifts. It's a beautiful life.


Cindy Sammetinger

Founder of Arrows on Purpose Coaching