# 122 TSNC 2024 Offers

After a few years of our Mentorship being the primary way we work with Nurse Coaches, we have created a new iteration of our offers and this podcast explains what everything is!

There are four ways to work with us!


  1. Preceptorship Course - $999

    1. This is a self-study course with over 85 modules that show you how to:

      1. Set up your practice

      2. Set up your business

      3. Teach you the Successful Nurse Coach Method to create your first clients

      4. Sales, Marketing, and Mindset required for success

      5. Access to our previous workshops worth about $600 alone

      6. Private community for a year with access to all of our monthly workshops

  2. Make the Leap w/Preceptorship Course - $3999 - 4 months with 3 month live coaching

    1. You get the amazing self study course paired with LIVE coaching with our amazing team

    2. Spaces are capped to 15, so it is small and intimate

    3. In this space, you are going to be putting the gas pedal on the floor. We really want to hyperfocus on one thing: creating your first paid clients

    4. Connection, inviting to coaching calls, proposals…it is going to be a beautiful sprint!

    5. This allows you to get your feet wet, experience TSNC way, and possibly offer a “break” before you jump into mentorship

  3. The Mentorship

    1. The mentorship is our year long small group and one-on-one business mentorship program and the requirement to join is that you have had 1-10 paid coaching clients.  This program is designed to speed up the time horizon to go from part-time professional nurse coach to a full-time practice

    2. This small group of 8 or less includes group coaching calls, and one-on-one coaching calls, workshops, and peer coaching to become a more confident coach.

    3. This program is built with two phases.

  4. Master Mentorship

    1. In order to be in our masters program, you must have gone through the mentorship program first and have created your first 10 paid clients

    2. We have this benchmark in place because everyone needs to be magic-to have a strong, impactful vision not just for themselves but also for the good of the group…there can be no one who is “out”/talk about study of being around successful people

    3. This group is smaller, capping out at 6 and is co facilitated with both Laura and Shelby

    4. We meet twice a month as a group and one 1:1 /month.

    5. Every Master’s client we have ever had not only returns their investment, but 80% cross the 100k mark (with a few over the 200k mark!)

Watch the full episode with video HERE!